Only 14 days to Take for Receiving a KCL’s Offer?!

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King’s College London

International Child Rights & Development

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-You’ve received a KCL’s offer, congratulations!

-OMG why is it so early, I was even confused at who’s gonna text me in the midnight. But, it seems that it is worth staying up so late.

Applicant’s Background

Undergraduate University: North China Electric Power University

Major: Law Science(法学)

CGPA: 3.18/4 (or 81.78/100)

3 internships

Admission Timeline

Time when recommendation finished: 03/11/2022

Offer Received Time:17/11/2022

It only took 14 days to get the offer.

Program Overview

International Child Rights and Development MA is a multidisciplinary course designed to promote a rigorous academic approach to contemporary issues of childhood internationally. Underpinned by a children’s rights framework, it will help you develop the skills needed for successful multi-agency and multi-professional work and research with and for children in complex contexts.

Key Benefits:

  • Multidisciplinary approach.
  • Covers latest developments in issues that affect childhood globally.
  • Taught by a wide range of external expert speakers, as well as our own staff, from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds.
  • Provides the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with students from different disciplines.

About KCL

King’s College London is an internationally renowned university delivering exceptional education and world-leading research. They are dedicated to driving positive and sustainable change in society and realizing their vision of making the world a better place. Through their commitment to exceptional education, impactful research and genuine service to society, they are creating positive change in communities, both in London and on the world stage.

Beichen Notes

The offer came at 2 am, a little bit early.

Although the program clearly claimed that the applicants need to have a relevant work background, we thought it deserves a try, so, we encouraged the student to apply and got the offer with ease. 

Here we have to place some compliments on our interdisciplinary writing team, no matter how niche the project is, we can always do excellent paperwork!

 Excerpts from the PS


I hope that when kids feel discriminated against and transgressed, they know their rights and they have confidence in government and civil society.


Child rights is a topic rarely known to many Chinese students and rarely discussed in Chinese society. Yet that never means child rights are protected.

If you want to apply for some special social science programs as well, welcome to consult us~

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