How fast can you get your WES ECA report?

Two days!

Today I want to share with you a super fast WES evaluation application. It is like mind-blowing. I had never seen such a quick turnaround, having handled over 500 WES applications.

I obtained the transcript from CSSD on May 20, 2024. I sent it via the CSSD-WES official channel on the same day.

Guess what, on 21 May, like about 1-2 days (allowing for the time zone difference), we got the completed ECA Report!!

On the other hand, another client of mine, whose complete set of documents were sent to WES on May 20 2024 as well, still haven’t got her WES ECA report after 8 days. Though, to be far, it normally takes around 2-4 weeks to get WES report.

All in all, this case suggests that WES might have different teams. If you are lucky to be assigned to a team with quick turnout, you will get your report in just a day or two!

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