WES Chinese Degrees – EP15 CSSD Issues

If you are an international student and you have completed a study in China and wish to get your degree evaluated by WES, you have come to the right place.

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Now, let’s get down to business

In this episode, I want to cover three issues that foreigners might have.

  1. You don’t have a Chinese transcript (you only have an English one)
  2. Your name on your transcript is weird
  3. Your transcript is not issued recently
  4. CSSD issued your report in the wrong way

Let’s walk over them one by one. 

  1. You don’t have a Chinese transcript (you only have an English one)


Given that you are an international student, it can be the case that you only have an English version of your transcript. If your school can provide you with a Chinese one, perfect. But if you don’t have a Chinese version, CSSD will likely reject your application, as shown below.

In addition, it is not possible to only evaluate your English transcript on CSSD. The system is so designed that it won’t allow it. You might contact CSSD to allow you to evaluate English transcripts only. But I haven’t explored that option yet and I believe my solution is more convenient.

As you can see here, it is not possible to only evaluate your English transcript.


Get your English transcript translated back to Chinese and do a normal transcript evaluation. You have to get a qualified translator to do it and it will cost 70-100 RMB per page.

While submitting your evaluation to CSSD, make you to include a note to them to explain your situation. It should look like this:

  1. Your name on your transcript is weird


You might have got a Chinese name during your study and this name might have appeared on your documents like transcripts, degree certificate, etc. This will create some issues for you.

For example, this student from BUAA, a top university in China, has got her transcript with names that doesn’t make much sense.

Her name is SABINA TUDI.

In her Chinese transcript, her name was put as 萨娜, which is only slightly related to the phenetics of her first name.

The interesting thing is, in her English transcript, her name is then the Putonghua pinyin of 萨娜, which is Sa Nuo。

At first, we didn’t notice this and submitted it to CSSD.

CSSD spotted this and returned our application, as shown below:


The solution is straightforward.

First, contact the university to see if they can put the right names on the transcript. For the Chinese version, they can put almost anything and add a parenthesis in which the original English name can be included). For example, 萨娜(SABINA TUDI)。

Some universities might not be able to do this. So, the second option is to ask them to provide a statement to clarify the name issue.

  1. Your transcript is not issued recently


Normally, CSSD requires that your transcript needs to be issued within the past 6 months. It is not the date of your graduation. It is the date when the document is issued. It can have a date of issue of your graduation date, but it should also have a date of print or record retrieval.


If you have only your old transcript with you, we would advise you to try to get a new one. If it is difficult, you can try the old ones nevertheless. Sometimes, it will get through and we have experience of it.

If the old one is rejected and the new one is not forthcoming, there is a last resort: write a newer date on your old transcript yourself and submit it for evaluation. It often works but only as a last resort.

  1. CSSD issued your report in the wrong way


CSSD uses a lot of mannual process and their staff sometimes make mistakes. If your name is slightly wrong on your CSSD transcript report, you cannot connect it to your CSSD account and send it to WES, even if you have got the PDF report from CSSD.

For example, this student’s name is correct, but there is an extra dot between name and surname! This leads to further issues as show on the right hand side of the picture.

In addition, sometimes, they will issue your transcript using your new passport number but your account uses the old one (because your degree info used the old one). This creates another issue.


Make clear to CSSD people that you want them to use your old passport number on the transcript.

If they still use the new one, register another CSSD account using the new passport number. You will need another Chinese phone number for this.

If they got your name wrong, send a message to CSSD to rectify the report for you.

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