WES Report Names

Sometimes, you might be wondering how your name will be shown on the WES report if you have changed your name or used other names in the past.

I would like to share cases to give you a better idea.

Case 1

Current name:
Nuoye Wang

Master’s degree name:

Nuoye Wang

Bachelor’s degree name:

Fan Nu

WES Report:

For both degrees, the name on credential were show as the current name.

Case 2

Original name (name on all degree transcripts): Zhou Hunqiang

New name: Chou Kunkwang

Both names are the same in Chinese but can be transliterated differently in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Another similar case:

Case 3

In this case, the student has not changed her name but due to an error from her school, her CSSD verified degree certificate had only her first name and one of the “v” was spelled “w”.

Right name:

Akava Raja

Wrong name:


Overall, it won’t be a big deal if you changed your name or your name was transliterated differently, resulting in different names on educational certificates. WES will take note and normally accept such situations with proper supporting documents.

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